“Recruit better than Yourself”

When we are discussing the recruitment process, we often tell our members to “recruit better than themselves” in order to ensure the continual advancement of our chapter here at FAU. As current members, we work very hard to build up our chapter on our values each year and we want to bring in girls who possess the same mindset of advancement and leadership.

Our national fraternity headquarters noticed how well our Theta Iota chapter is doing in recruitment each year and are using our members to help other Florida chapters during their recruitment weeks. Two weeks ago, our Vice President of Membership, Shellby Sweeney, and one of her council members, Kaley Reiner, went to Stetson University to help them through the recruitment process. They were huge assets to that chapter by offering tips on how larger schools recruit, ultimately helping them make quota for the year.

We are so proud of Shellby, her Membership Assistant, Brittany Carillo, and her entire council for not only having a hugely successful recruitment here at FAU,  but also helping with other schools! Way to realize your potential 🙂

Since the recruitment process is over, Shellby Sweeney is now focusing her love for Alpha Xi Delta on not only benefiting our chapter individually, but the entire Fraternity and Sorority Life community. She is one of a selected group of students on FAU’s Greek Housing Committee, representing the entire Greek student body by traveling across the Southeast looking at various Greek housing options. We are so excited to see what Shellby and the rest of the Housing Committee members propose for our upcoming housing expansion! FAU is advancing so quickly and Alpha Xi Delta is so happy to be a part of it 🙂