Xi’s of the Week- Natasha Fornarotto & Jamie Kalivoda

Natasha Fornarotto

Year in school: Senior
Age: 22
From: New Jersey
Initiated: Fall 2009
Major: Double major in Marketing & Management
Things she Likes: Food, rollerblading, and the beach
Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Movie: Lord of War
Favorite Books: Harry Potter
Favorite Music: Everythinggg except country
Favorite Part about Alpha Xi Delta:  To be completely honest, the relationships that I have built and how it has changed me as a women. It sounds so cliche but its 100% how I feel. I am a better woman today because of Alpha Xi Delta.
Interesting Fact: I actually love the smell of gasoline and loveee playing football!

Jamie Kalivoda

Year in school: Sophomore
Age: 19
From: Clearwater, FL
Initiated: Fall 2010
Major: Communications
Things she Likes: I love to go on the boat, be with my family and hang out with my sisters and close friends!
Favorite TV Show: Workaholics
Favorite Books:  The Hunger Games
Favorite Music:  love all kinda of music, anything that makes me happy 
Favorite Part about Alpha Xi Delta:  Knowing
I can count on all my sisters to be there for me at all times and the relationships you build with people in it. 

Interesting Fact:  I have been to 6 different countries!


Xi’s of the Week- Erin Flaherty & Katie Clarkson

Erin Flaherty

Year in school: Senior
Age: 20
From: Deerfield Beach, right next to Boca 🙂
Initiated: Fall 2011
Major: Hospitality
Things she Likes: Anything that has to do with bows, and food.
Favorite TV Show: The Real Housewives, any of them!
Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids
Favorite Books: I don’t really read.
Favorite Music: COUNTRY, COUNTRY, COUNTRY…Luke Bryan ❤
Favorite Part about Alpha Xi Delta:  The new friends I have made! Transferring from another university after 2 years is not easy but Alpha Xi Delta definitely made it the best last 2 years!

Katie Clarkson

Year in school: Sophomore
Age: 19
From: Orlando, FL
Initiated: Fall 2011
Major: English
Things she Likes: I like to dance, go to the beach, and hangout with all my amaxing sisters!
Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy.
Favorite Movie: A Walk to Remember
Favorite Books:  The Hunger Games Series
Favorite Music: I love all music!
Favorite Part about Alpha Xi Delta:  The friendships I have made and knowing that I have a strong support system away from home. AXiD has presented me with the opportunity to realize my potential and become an independent, strong woman.
Interesting Fact:  I am an only child!

You think you know, But you have no idea!

By: Allie Wessel

When I first got the news that I was selected to go to UIFI, I felt anxious, nervous, but very excited. I spoke with many Greeks who attended, and each and every one of them had something extremely positive to say. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew it would be life changing – and boy was I right! I learned so much about myself, and my passion for Greek life and Alpha Xi Delta, it is unbelievable. The experience was an emotional roller coaster, and I was pushed to levels that I had no idea I had, but at the end of the 5 day journey, I came out a better leader, sister and person. One event that really made a turning point in the experience was when each person had the option to recite their sorority/fraternity creed in front of the 100 Greeks there. One of the first to go was an Alpha Tau Omega (who actually goes to FAU). He stood up alone at first, and about halfway through the creed he started to cry. His brothers in the room saw that he was struggling putting the words together, so one by one each brother stood up and recited the rest of the creed loud and proud. It was the most moving thing I had ever seen. To first see how much this fraternity’s creed had an impact in this man’s life, and then see what a support system the other brothers were when he couldn’t continue, put a tear in my eye. It really showed me how being in a sorority and fraternity is more than just 4 years in a social group – it is a lifetime community commitment filled with passion, love and support. Through this 5 day journey I gained 100 new brothers and sisters, learned how to be a better sister, person, and community member, and found a new passion for Greek Life I never knew I had. I could go on and on about how much UIFI has changed my life, but you just have to experience it to understand what an impact this program really has.

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