Sisterhood Slumber Party

By: Ashley Reynolds            

With summer coming to its end, the sisters of Alpha Xi Delta were looking forward to the next best thing…a sisterhood all together to kick off the new semester! It was with Katie Clarkson’s, the sisterhood chair, awesome planning that all of the sisters were able to join together for a giant sleepover at the YMCA. Most girls headed there this past Saturday evening with the idea that the night would be full of typical fun girl stuff: catching up from summers apart, movie watching and lots of laughing. Little did we know, many activities were planned for us to really get to know each other as sisters before new members arrive.

Speed dating was on the top of the most fun list! This is when we got to ask each other questions that we thought we knew about each other, but actually did not know. It made for some and some not surprising similarities, such as Channing Tatum being the ultimate favorite actor; who would have guessed! Natalie Rich said “I loved it because it gave me more insight on what some of my sister’s like to do, instead of me just thinking I already knew!” Another activity the girls really enjoyed was opening up and each telling a secret that they wanted to share with each other.

After all of the smiles and belly’s full of candy, the sisters all settled in for a good chick-flick and bed time knowing that it was a great kick off to a great year.

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