We Rose Above The Rest | Formal Recruitment 2012

After months of preparation and a week full of long nights with our sisters, caffiene overdoses, and recreating Live Oak B into beautiful recruitment rooms we can finally say “That’s a Wrap!”.  This years formal recruitment was a huge success and we could not have done it without all the support from each other, our alumnae, all the day chairs, and our Membership Vice President and President, Kali Sweezey and Shellby Sweeney. Each night was decorated beautifully and completely recreated the atmosphere for the night. Meeting all the incredible women throughout the week was truly amazing and we are so proud of our newest new member class, Alpha Pi and its 63 members!

Congratulations to everyone for all their hard work this week. It absolutely paid off in the end. We expect bigs things from our newest pledge class and are so happy that they have found their home in Alpha Xi Delta!

Talia Adoni
Ashley Astorquiza
Raquel Ayala
Nicole Bagley
Lauren Bailey
Janie Barrett
Hannah Begin
Monique Belanger
Ariella Ban-Nehemiya
Ann-Marie Biggins
Emily Bland
Lexi Boulukos
Jessica Breslow
Haley Brueggemann
Tatiana Cabral
Amanda Cacapava
Nicole Cellura
Kamari Cook
Jade Dawson
Nicole Demisay
Michelle Dickinson
Danielle Eberhardt
Taylor Eubank
Blakely Fichtner
Erica Franckowiak
Cassidy Geiger
Michelle Giambrone
Gina Godinez
Samantha Greenberg
Kay Kiernan
Danielle Klaristenfeld
Katie Kobbe
Ariana Leerdam
Allison Lewis
Courtney Little
Marlie Marino
Gabby Martinez
Daniela Mayorga
Brooke Mitchell
Carly Mollick
Nicole Montoya
Ashley Mucinski
Paige Netting
Caitlin Oberg
Brittany Pettenger
Nikki Pombrio
Kasey Reichard
Kimberly Rodriguez
Amelia Roslund
Natalie Sanborn
Bella Sannasardo
McKenzee Schultz
Lena Sharff
Brittney Smith
DonnaMarie Smith
Kira Sylvia
Bianca Taraschi
Paige Tisa
Brittany Turner
Dominique Walker
Emily Walsh
Rhett Williams
Shannon Wondrow

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