Xi of the Week- Jessica Gerwig

Year in school: Junior 
Age: 21 
From: Wellington, FL
Initiated: Fall 2010
Major: Elementary Education
Things she Likes: Dancing, shopping, snorkeling and enjoying marine life and the ocean.
Favorite Movie: Mean Girls
Favorite Books: I am currently reading the Fifty Shaded series and it’s very good  
Favorite Music: any and all kinds! From rock to hip hop and even country!
Favorite Part about Alpha Xi Delta:  love the sisterhood and the support that the chapter gives me. When I ever need anything (whether it’s someone to talk to an reassure me or just someone to hang out with) there I always a caring sister there by my side.


Xi of the Week- DiAnna Grimm

Happy 22nd Birthday DiAnna! TFJ & Xi Love ❤

Year in school: Senior 
Age: 22 
From: Originally Vienna, VA
Initiated: Fall 2009
Major: Exercise Science and Health Promotion
Things she Likes: country music, coconut, and anything coral color
Favorite TV Show: Justified
Favorite Movie: The Tourist
Favorite Books: Columbine
Favorite Music: pretty much all genres
Favorite Part about Alpha Xi Delta: The relationships I have and make in AXiD
Interesting Fact: I don’t like strawberries.

Xi of the Week- Laura Markiewicz

Year in school: 4th 
Age: 21 
From: Longwood, FL
Initiated: Fall 2011
Major: Elementary Education
Things she Likes: hanging out with my family and friends, the beach, working out, swimming, the movies, basically anything active.
Favorite TV Show: Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Movie: Pearl Harbor, 50 First Dates and The Avengers
Favorite Books: Harry Potter
Favorite Music: All sorts
Favorite Part about Alpha Xi Delta: Our sisterhood! I feel like we all have awesome connections with one another and everyone respects and loves ever sister!
Interesting Fact: I looove rollercoaster’s!!!!